Date: 3/1/17 4:38 pm
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Subject: Re: [SBB] 3/1 Coyote Valley (Laguna, Coyote OSP)
To add to Chuq's report we had 2 Burrowing Owls on Laguna Ave directly on the road. Probably pushed there from the flooded fields. 
Also of note was a LESSER YELLOWLEGS mixed in with  8 Greater Yellowlegs at the west corner of Bailey Ave and Santa Teresa Blvd in the flooded area.
Ryan Phillips  

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Spent a bit of time today down in Coyote Valley, starting on West Laguna, where I ran into Ryan Phillips and his posse surveying the nonexistent (this trip) tricolor blackbirds. Notable birds included a full adult Bald Eagle in gorgeous soar mode over the hills, probably one from Calero as it ultimately wandered back that way, and a nice White-Tailed Kite. Other birds included Yellow-billed Magpies, Red-winged and Brewers blackbirds, Western Meadowlarks, red-tailed hawks (including one masquerading as a Ferruginous, which was evidently on coffee break, as was the @#$@#$ burrowing owl again), turkey vultures and a kestrel. Fascinating to see the vernal ponds that we used to call pastures out in the area, which were unfortunately empty of shorebirds. 
I then went to Coyote OSP, where it was even quieter, the notable bird being (no kidding) house finches, because the equestrian lot was under repair and generating a fair bit of noise. But is sure was a beautiful day out there, but you can still see the results of the recent rains: the road in to the OSP is heavily potholed but passable, just drive slowly and carefully. 

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