Date: 3/1/17 9:41 am
From: Sandra Barbier <sandabar10...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Tree help
I hope you don't mind my asking this on this site, but it does relate to
birds. I need some suggestions: The parish is cutting all the pine trees
(about 10 mature trees) along the street near my house and I'd like to
plant a small tree in my front yard, maybe two, to make up for it a little;
trees that will be good for birds and - it would be nice - for squirrels.
The squirrels are going to miss the heck out of those pine seeds each fall.
It probably be a stand-alone specimen, in a space about 30x15 feet, and it
will get full sun. I'd like it to top out about 30 feet tall. This is a
typical suburban lawn, probably filled some 40 years ago, but I suspect
clay-ey and it can get pretty dry. County agent suggested purple plum,
drake elm and sweet bay magnolia. Thanks.

Sandra Barbier
LaPlace, LA
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