Date: 3/1/17 9:16 am
From: Patricia Velte <pvelte...>
Subject: March Migration Report
Dear OKBirders,

Here is the list of March Arrivals:

Mottled Duck March 14 - Rare in S.
McCurtain Co. only

Blue-winged Teal March 14 - PAN

Cinnamon Teal March 1 - PAN

Anhinga March 24 - S.
McCurtain Co. only

American Bittern March 26 - ALL

Great Egret March 12 - PAN, NW

Snowy Egret March 27 - ALL

Little Blue Heron March 27 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE
and March 12 - SE

Cattle Egret March 20 - NW, SW, C,
SC, NE, SE and Texas and Beaver Cos. Only in PAN

Black-crowned Night-Heron March 15 - NW, SW, C, NE

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron March 23 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

White Ibis March 20 - SE

Eared Grebe March 26 - PAN, NW, C, SC,

Neotropic Cormorant March 24 - S. McCurtain Co only

Swainson's Hawk March 25 - ALL

King Rail March 10 - NW, SW,

Sora March 26 - PAN,

Osprey March 27 - ALL

Solitary Sandpiper March 24 - ALL

Greater Yellowlegs March 30 - PAN

Lesser Yellowlegs March 30 - PAN and March 20 -

Upland Sandpiper March 26 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Long-billed Curlew March 22 - PAN Cimarron and
Texas Cos. Only, NW, SW, C, SC

Stilt Sandpiper March 25 - ALL

Common Moorhen March 24 - SE Rare in Bryan, Choctaw,
S. McCurtain Co

Black-necked Stilt March 19 - NW, SW, C
Kingfisher Co only

American Avocet March 16 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE
east to Nowata, Rogers, Wagoner and Muskogee Cos. Only, SE east to
Pittsburg, Atoka and McCurtain Cos. Only

American Golden-Plover March 5 - NW,SW,C, SC, NE, SE

Snowy Plover March 14 - PAN, NW, SW and
March 16 - C, SC, NE

Mountain Plover March 26 - PAN rare in Cimarron
Co. only

Franklin's Gull March 1 - ALL

Forster's Tern March 25 - PAN, NW, SW

Baird's Sandpiper March 1 - ALL

Least Sandpiper March 26 - PAN

Pectoral Sandpiper March 1 - ALL

Semipalmated Sandpiper March 24 - ALL

Western Sandpiper March 29 - ALL

Long-billed Dowitcher March 14 - PAN, NW, C, NE

Wilson's Phalarope March 25 - ALL

Chimney Swift March 28 - ALL

Ruby-throated Hummingbird March 28 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Black-chinned Hummingbird March 29 - NW north to Blaine, Dewey and
Roger Mills cos, SW, C east to Logan, Oklahoma and Cleveland Cos, SC rare in
Stephens and Jefferson cos only

Peregrine Falcon March 24 - ALL

Eastern Phoebe March 18 - PAN and March 7 -

Say's Phoebe March 26 - PAN and March 20
- NW, SW

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher March 22 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

White-eyed Vireo March 18 - NW west to Alfalfa,
Major and Blaine cos only, SW Caddo, Comanche and Cotton cos only, C, SC,

Yellow-throated Vireo March 25 - C west to Payne, Oklahoma
and Cleveland cos only, SC Pontotoc and Johnston cos only, NE, SE

Tree Swallow March 20 - SW, C

Northern Rough-winged Swallow March 10 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Cliff Swallow March 14 - NW, SW, C, SC,

Barn Swallow March 27 - PAN and March 9
- NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher March 19 - ALL

Louisiana Waterthrush March 15 - NW Major, Dewey and Blain
cos only, SW Caddo and Comanche cos only, C, SC, NE, SE

Black-and-white Warbler March 12 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Northern Parula March 18 - NW rare west to
Alfalfa and Blaine cos only, SW rare in Comanche co only, C west to Logan,
Oklahoma and Cleveland cos only, SC, NE, SE

Yellow-throated Warbler March 20 - C west to Payne, Lincoln and
Cleveland Cos only, SC west to Pontotoc, Murray, Johnston and Love cos only,

Chipping Sparrow March 28 - PAN, NW

Vesper Sparrow March 22 - PAN and March 14 -

Lark Sparrow March 18 - NW, SW, C, SC,

Grasshopper Sparrow March 27 - NW, C, NE

Yellow-headed Blackbird March 1 - PAN, NW, SW, C, SC, NE

Great-tailed Grackle March 15 - PAN

Here are the March departures:

White-winged Scoter March 28 - C, NE

Black Scoter March 21 - NE

Long-tailed Duck March 27 - PAN, NW, SW, C, SC,

Trumpeter Swan March 10 - NW, SW, C, NE

Tundra Swan March 13 - ALL

Ferruginous Hawk March 25 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE
- Rare east to Washington, Tulsa and Okmulgee Cos. Only

Rough-legged Hawk March 20 - SW, C

Golden Eagle March 20 - PAN, NW, SW, SC,
NE, SE - Rare in Kay and Noble Cos. East to Washington Co; rare in Sequoyah

Yellow Rail March 1 - Rare in S.
McCurtain Co. only

Little Gull March 27 - C, SC, NE

Thayer's Gull March 24 - NW, C, NE, SE
rare in Le Flore Co. only

Lesser Black-backed Gull March 16 - C rare in Canadian and
Oklahoma Cos. Only, NE rare in Tulsa Co. only

Glaucous Gull March 9 - NW, C, NE

American Woodcock March 1 - NW, SW, C, SC

Prairie Falcon March 28 - ALL

Northern Shrike March 3 - PAN

Steller's Jay March 15 - PAN rare in
northwest Cimarron Co only

White-breasted Nuthatch March 1 - PAN rare in Cimarron Co only

Sage Thrasher March 3 - SW rare in Harmon,
Greer, Jackson, Kiowa and Comanche cos only

Lapland Longspur March 10 - ALL

Smith's Longspur March 20 - SW rare in Comanche
Co only, C, NE

American Tree Sparrow March 20 - PAN, NW and March 14 - C, NE
and March 1 - SW

Rusty Blackbird March 28 - NW, SW, C, SC,

Cassin's Finch March 3 - PAN rare in
Cimarron Co only

The information presented here comes from The Oklahoma Bird Records
Committee of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, which publishes a Date
Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma. This booklet divides Oklahoma
into 7 geographic regions, and lists the normal dates of occurrence for each
Oklahoma bird species within each region. Observers are urged to report
unusual species, or birds out of date or out of normal range in Oklahoma,
based on the information given in this publication.

The Oklahoma Ornithological Society and Oklahoma Bird Records Committee web
site,, includes ordering information for the Date
Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma, information on documenting
significant records, documentation forms, instructions, and a searchable
database for Oklahoma bird migration information. Birders are cordially
invited to join the Oklahoma Ornithological Society.

Happy birding!

Pat Velte


Oklahoma City, OK

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