Date: 3/1/17 9:14 am
From: robert lane <ohiomagpie...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] North Dakota Banded Piping Plovers Come To Visit
During The Winter Shorebird Survey on 02/03/17, three of the banded Piping Plovers identified by teams on Three Rooker Bar South and Anclote Key hailed originally from the same area in western North Dakota, about one hundred miles south of Saskatchewan and the Canadian border, along the Missouri River corridor from the town of Bismarck north to Lake Sakakawea. To reach their winter barrier island destinations in Pinellas and Pasco Counties, they had to travel about 1750 miles directly southeast. 1600 of these miles were over land. Interestingly, the Texas Coast and the Gulf of California are only about 1300 miles. Why travel the additional distance to the Florida Gulf Coast? Bird (A28) was banded as an adult in June 2013. Bird (OL7) was banded as an adult in June 2015. Bird (15B) was banded as a chick in July 2016. You wonder, did these three and some of the other twenty or so recorded Piping Plovers make the long journey together? Thanks to Dan Larremore, environmental specialist, at Honeymoon Island State Park, for providing the results of the band information of these amazing travelers.

Bob Lane / Clearwater, Florida

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