Date: 3/1/17 7:34 am
From: Jim Leonard <photojleonard...>
Subject: [obol] Photo: Streaked Horned Lark
Streaked Horned Lark only found in the Pacific Northwest was photographed
along Livermore Rd. located just north of Baskett Slough NWR, photo by Jim
Leonard. I found this information on the Streaked Horned Lark from the
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife:
"Streaked Horned Lark Basics
The streaked horned lark1 is a rare subspecies of the wide-ranging horned
lark. It is listed
as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act and by the State of
Streaked horned larks occur only in the Pacific Northwest and the
range-wide population
has been estimated at less than 2000 individuals (Altman 2011). The
streaked horned lark
faces a variety of conservation challenges including habitat loss,
disturbance from human
activities, high predation rates, low fecundity, small population size, low
genetic diversity,
and possibly the consequences of inbreeding (Camfield et al. 2010, 2011,
USFWS 2013,
Drovetski et al. 2005).

Link to Photo by Jim Leonard.

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