Date: 2/28/17 8:55 pm
From: Ben Cacace <bcacace...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] NYS eBird Hotspots: State, Counties & Locations Updated (Mar/'17)
Thanks to @Team_eBird for their dedication to keeping running
smoothly and for the group of New York State hotspot moderators for their
time reviewing shared location suggestions.

The wiki page site was developed to access data on and in places
it includes additional links to birding resources at the county and
location levels. If you have any suggestions for additional links please
send them to me off list.

*Species totals* have been updated for all county pages. This includes the
total number of species with an equivalent color code highlighting the
county name based on colors used on eBird maps. The alphabetical list of
counties on the main page has been updated with total spp. #.

*Hotspot pages*: All location pages have been updated on the wiki. These
include 534 pages representing a total of 1,143 out of 5,455 hotspots (21.0%).
Updates involve # of species and color codings based on species # along
with updated 2017 periods on the bar chart tables displaying the Current
Month: Mar./2017, Prior Month: Feb./2017 and the current two month period
Feb.-Mar./2017 along with the current year: 2017.

For the following counties there are individual wiki pages for the *Top 10
locations* at the top of the list of shared locations: Cayuga, Erie,
Monroe, Niagara, Orange, Oswego, Seneca, Tompkins, Kings (Brooklyn),
Queens, Richmond (Staten Island), Nassau and Suffolk Counties. *Westchester
and New York (Borough of Manhattan) Counties have all shared locations*
linked to wikipages.

Counties with *'static' pages* do not need to be maintained on a monthly
basis. These include pages for at least the Top 10 locations: Chautauqua,
Bronx, Hamilton, Jefferson & Onondaga. *Putnam County has all shared
locations* linked to wikipages.

*Bar Charts (Species Lists)*: For all county and top 10 location pages
there are tables showing the months, seasons and several time frames for
the current year. Clicking any of these links will bring up a complete list
of species and other taxa with bar charts representing abundance. To see a
list of species for *all* periods click on the name above the months i.e.
'New York State (478 spp.)' or 'Essex County (270 spp.)'.

*Maps of sightings*: After bringing up a bar chart list you'll see a MAP
button to the right of each species. Clicking this will produce a map of
the latest sightings. Red icons show sightings within the past 30 days.
Click on the icons to see a list of who reported each species and click on
'Checklist' to view their submission. Click on 'Explore Rich Media' in the
right sidebar to view locations with photos, audio or video. These also
exist for any multi-location page combining the hotspots associated with
the location i.e. Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area in Monroe County with
its 17 locations.

*Printable Checklists*: a link has been created to produce an eBird
checklist (PDF format) for all hotspots on the wiki site. Additional
details are in this email sent to the list <<nysbirds-l...>/msg20153.html >.

*Tide Graphs* exist for New York County, Kings County (Brooklyn) and
Richmond County (Staten Island). There's a quick link to the tide graphs on
the "Go To >" line highlighted in blue for each location. If there are
multiple graphs on a page the left/right is generally north/south or
west/east. If you spot any issues please let me know off line.

Click '*Overview*' on any of the wiki pages to bring up a sortable list of
all species along with the latest checklists submitted and a list of the
Top eBirders. The default sort is for the latest additions to the State,
County or location.

Check out '*My Location Life List*', '*My County Life List*' and '*My State
Life List*' links on their respective pages.

For each location page click on '*Google Map Directions*' to bring up a
Google Map page. On Google Maps click 'Directions' then 'Transit' to plot a
public transportation route. By clicking 'More Options and Times' you can
refine your search. This also works with 'Driving' and 'Walking'.

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Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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