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I forgot name.

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I birded the Lebanon and Lancaster Counties and started at the Sunnyside Rd.
pond today and my highlights are, the Male Eurasian Teal was with 51
Green-winged Teals today and along Rt. 897 ponds I had another 49 teals.
While at the pond near Sunnyside Rd. a Tree Swallow was flying south. All
Lebanon County. In a field south of Willow Point parking lot in a flock of
about 2000 Snow Geese were 2 adult Ross' Geese feeding together, They were
in front , mallard size, tiny bill with no grin patch. Lancaster County
side, Then at stop #3 were the counties lines are a Tree Swallow flying
north, Lancaster and then Lebanon County. I was there from 2-to 4 pm.
Randy C. Miller
Lancaster County

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