Date: 2/28/17 12:04 pm
From: Brooke Miller <idbirds...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] Santa Clara County 2017 Cumulative Year List - January Results
Happy New Year, South Bay Birders!

We started off 2017 with 162 birds seen on January 1, and a total of 206 birds for the month of January. The average for January 1st is 153, and the average for the month of January is 199. Thank you to everyone who birded, and took the time to report birds either on SBB, eBird, or send emails directly to me.

Of the 206 birds that were recorded for January, there was 1 bird rated as rarity (6) and 11 birds rated as rarity (5). As a reminder, here is what each rarity code means:

**Rarity Codes:
1 = common, always seen in habitat in season.
2 = fairly common, usually in habitat in season, but missed sometimes.
3 = uncommon, always around, but sometimes you can't find.
4 = rare, occurs yearly in the county, but not always in same places.
5 = very rare, does not occur every year.
6 = casual or vagrant, generally fewer than 10 records.

January’s Rarity Code 6:

1. Mountain Bluebird. Several birds were found and photographed at the Sierra Road Summit on 15-January by Daniel Bump.

January’s Rarity Code 5’s:

1. A Tundra Swan was found at Ogier Ponds on 15-January by Mike Rogers;
2. A Pacific Loon was found at Los Capitancillos Ponds on 15-January by Ann Verdi and Mike Rogers;
3. A Red Phalarope was found at Don Edwards NWR in Alviso on 1-January by Mike Mammoser and Mike Rogers;
4. A Red-naped Sapsucker continued at Almaden Lake on 2-January, and was seen by Bob Reiling, Frank Vanslager, and Brooke Miller;
5. A Hammond’s Flycatcher, first found at Los Lagos Golf Course by Frank Vanslager during the San Jose CBC, was re-found on 1-January;
6. A Gray Flycatcher, at Sunnyvale Baylands Park on 1-January, continued from late 2016;
7. A Townsend’s Solitaire was found in Los Gatos by Garrett Lau on 21-January;
8. A Northern Waterthrush was found at Ulistac Park in Santa Clara by Richard Jeffers on 10-January;
9. A Palm Warbler was seen on 13-January at the Palo Alto Flood Control Basin by Will Brooks and Jason Vassallo;
10. A Swamp Sparrow was seen on 11-January at the Palo Alto Baylands across from the airport runway by Cynthia Berg and Mike Mammoser; and
11. Karen Burnson saw a Summer Tanager in her backyard in Los Gatos on 17-January.

My monthly reports are made up of eBird sightings, postings on SBB, and direct emails. You can find all the monthly cumulative lists on the SCVAS website at: <>

Please post all your sightings to <south-bay-birds...> <mailto:<south-bay-birds...> and/or <> .

Please contact me if you find errors or omissions, or have questions or comments.

Brooke Miller
San Jose
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