Date: 2/28/17 11:18 am
From: Jennifer W. Hanson <ammodramus88...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Sad News: Arlene Oley
Hi Jersey birders,

It is with heavy heart that I post this. Arlene Oley, friend to many
and an occasional contributor to this list, passed away last Saturday.
Here is an obituary:

Arlene was a lifelong resident of the central NJ area, originally
hailing from the Norseville neighborhood of Griggstown and more
recently living in Kingston. She traveled widely on birding trips, to
the point that my friends and I jokingly referred to one birder we
kept running into as "the guy Arlene doesn't know" (because she seemed
to know everyone else). She volunteered for NJ Audubon and the D&R
Canal State Park, and always loved to share her knowledge of and love
for nature with others. It wasn't just birds, either; she enjoyed all
kinds of critters and plants (including lichen).

Arlene was part of my circle of birding friends. I saw her most
regularly for the Princeton and Somerset CBCs, when we were usually on
the same team (especially in recent years). Sometimes, if
circumstances and other commitments aligned, a bunch of us would chase
a bird together. Those were always great times. Arlene was just plain
fun to hang out with, as many people other than me can attest. Her
birding world was an important part of her life, but only a part of

I am very, very grateful to have known Arlene. She never let life's
setbacks ruin her enjoyment of life's good things.

Best regards and good birding,

Jennifer W. Hanson
Plainsboro, New Jersey USA
ammodramus88 AT

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