Date: 2/28/17 10:46 am
From: Michael Medina <802redwood...>
Subject: [obol] Re: eye glasses and optics
Much discussion has been had off list, but to summarize:

Many people recommended contact lenses as it eliminates the whole eyeglass
issue but for the sunglasses.

Many suggestions for true bifocals (sunglasses or non-tinted) as they are a
little better than progressives with binoculars and tend to be cheaper
which would be good for field work.

Everyone's eyes and glasses are different. I have 3 pairs of bins and with
all of them, I have to mash my glasses onto my face. 15m, 17mm, and 20mm
and as far as I can tell that 3mm either is measured wrong or doesn't quite
make a difference for me. So it's expensive binoculars (one time purchase)
or contacts (recurring purchases) for me I suppose.

Michael Medina

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