Date: 2/28/17 8:31 am
From: Alice Horst <ahorst...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Bald Eagle's Nest on Mulberry Rec Trail, The Villages, Marion County
Well I hadn’t checked Bald Eagle’s nest for a couple of weeks and boy have the Eaglets grown!!!
When I approached the nest I could see one of the youngsters up on the arm of the tower above the nest. I thought perhaps the second one had left the nest. I watched the one flapping wings, looking as though he might take off at any moment, then jumped back into the nest and almost disappeared in the “skinny” nest.
Then the second head appeared.
I think they will be flying off fairly soon.
I did not see the adults this morning at 10:30 am

1 eaglet standing on arm of tower above the “skinny” nest

Flapping wings,

Back in the nest with sibling - AHHHHHHH!

Every day is a GREAT day to go birding!
Alice Horst
Marion County, Fl

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