Date: 2/28/17 7:48 am
From: Peter Trull <petrull...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] moderator - giving breeding birds their space
Barbara et al.
When I photograph birds at the nest, bringing in food for young, I work from a blind, vehicle or some form of cover. Recording prey items can contribute to our knowledge of avian life histories...Painting all bird photographers and bird lovers with the same brush as being detrimental to a species breeding success is subjective. It’s unfortunate that the hobby or sport of birding has become so intense and competative to make the “Top 100” that some birders chase or disturb nesting birds for the list. And that’s really it, “need”. I’ve seen several areas of habitat here on the cape destroyed by overzealous listers Fort hill for instance. Ash-throated flycatcher a few years ago, people changed for ever the thicket at the lower parking lot. The tiny cat-tail niche on the lower trail trampled by those in need...Yellow rail? sedge wren? I never saw any of these. Birders with an un-leavened consciousness will always be a hindrance to the
success of nesting birds. It’s human Nature....All of the requests put forth to be aware of and not to disturb nesting species will be complied with by some and ignored by others. Your request is admirable.
Peter Trull

From: Barbara Volkle
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 7:31 PM
To: <massbird...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] moderator - giving breeding birds their space

Breeding and nesting season is almost here.

Please consider the impacts associated with watching nesting birds. Birds are hypervigilant on nest. Our human presence creates stress for the parents.

Additionally, there are some nesting birds, particularly raptors, that are staked out. They receive no relief from the stream of observers and photographers, who will often spend hours with little thought to the impact their presence makes.

Because of this, we ask subscribers to not post photographs of nesting birds and to refrain from publicizing their locations.

Thanks to Marj Rines for her post about this issue on Arlingtonbirds.

Barbara Volkle

Northborough, MA

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