Date: 2/28/17 6:23 am
From: Jamie Boulton <bluespark59...>
Subject: [obol] Re: OT: Binoculars vs. New Eyeglass Wearer
Hi Michael, I feel your pain. I wore contact lenses for many years and now
wear glasses. I remember being surprised that it took my eyes awhile to
adjust to seeing well with glasses. A week or so I think? So maybe wearing
contacts only once a week may not work. Of course it may be different for
you. Unless you get a contact lens prescription for distance and a glasses
prescription for close work that works while you are still wearing the
contacts? Not ideal I know. If anyone has a solution, I too would like to

Jamie Boulton
Albany, OR

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 5:55 PM, Michael Medina <802redwood...>

> I've been wearing eyeglasses (progressive lenses, mostly for reading) for
> about a year now and I'm struggling with point counts, eagle surveys and
> wearing glasses.
> I infrequently use a spotting scope. These point counts and eagle surveys
> are for pay, so it's important.
> The issue is of course eye relief and the glasses pushing onto my brow
> getting dirty and just generally being difficult to manage the binos and
> the glasses, or the oils on the eye cups getting on my glasses if I try to
> go back and forth
> I need to collect data so I need to see my phone/tablet as well as eagles
> at 800 meters.
> Sunglasses are helpful too, but make phone/tablets difficult so we have
> glasses that help but get in the way with binos, sunglasses that help but
> get in the way with data, contacts are on the table (but I've never worn
> them) and would only leave me with the sunglass problem. Maybe some
> assistive reading device for the tablet?
> What do people do? I could try the shotgun method and throw money into
> prescription sunglasses and contact lenses but I'd like to just know the
> solution :D
> I'm thinking I would wear the contacts only for work which is about once a
> week.
> Reply off list or on list, whatever you think is helpful.
> Michael Medina
> Portland, OR

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