Date: 2/27/17 7:25 pm
From: Stephen Duff <sduff...>
Subject: [obol] Linn Co. Gyrfalcon - Yes, 2/27 morning
As Philip Kline noted, found the Gyrfalcon on a tree on the north side of Nixon Dr, 0.6 miles west of Powerline Rd at the bridge over Little Muddy Creek. Watched it with an unobstructed view from about 200m. It was facing west, and I could tell it was a bit edgy that I was there. When Philip and Steve N arrived in their cars and then got out by the bridge and started across the road, it immediately took off and flew south along the west side of a line of trees. All three of us had a good look at it in flight. I followed it through the branches and when it suddenly disappeared, I assumed it had landed again. We couldn’t find it in the trees and one of the others thought it flew on south. We drove south to Malpass but did not see it again.

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