Date: 2/27/17 6:31 pm
From: Jay V Huner <jvh0660...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Parish Bird Lists - Tensas Parish
My wife wanted to chase ancestors in the Tensas Parish Court House - St. Joseph, LA. So, I went to the Lake Bruin area. Monday is a good time to go to Lake Bruin State Park, especially when it's raining. Few people around. Was surprised to scan the ox bow from the park's piers and find 7 Common Loons. So, was ebird. But, the image of 6 birds is diagnostic if not artistic. Managed 11 new parish birds. Five more to get to 100!

Also did the LA 606 loop inside the Lake Bruin ox bow. New parish birds included Wood Duck, Ring-necked Duck and Brewer's Blackbird.

Why do parish lists? Great excuse to explore new places to bird!

Jay Huner
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