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New Mexico Rare Bird Report
February 27, 2017
Compiler: Matt Baumann
Phone: 505-264-1052
E-mail address: <mbaumann22...>

This is the New Mexico Rare Bird Report for February 27, 2017 sponsored by
the New Mexico Ornithological Society. When phone numbers are given for
private property, please call before going to ask for permission. In ranch
country, do not stray off the roads. Places mentioned in the report, a
checklist of N.M. birds, and more locations on uncommon and specialty
species can be found in the N.M. Bird Finding Guide. You can purchase the
NM Bird Finding Guide at A more complete, updated version of the
checklist can be found at for prior
records of species in New Mexico, search the online archive of the NMOS
Field Notes at
For photos of rarities and directions to some birding sites, checkhttp:// or the New Mexico Rarities Group on
Flickr at NMOS is now on
Facebook, search for New Mexico Ornithological Society.

All individuals are encouraged to submit their observations to NMOS. This
includes not only records of Review List species and species potentially
new to the state, but also records of uncommon species, species of
conservation concern, records documenting breeding, and early, late, or
out-of-season/range birds. Details and photos should be sent to Sandy
Williams, 1819 Meadowview Drive NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, or (preferred)
to <sunbittern...> Details will be used for NMOS Field Notes,
North American Birds, and the New Mexico Bird Records Committee.
NOTE: Additional reports of unseasonal birds or county rarities can be seen
on the eBird New Mexico Rare Bird Alert: You do not need an eBird
account to view this.

Birds Mentioned and Counties (NMBRC review species are in CAPITAL letters):

Tundra Swan (Socorro)
BARROW’S GOLDENEYE (Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Taos)
MEW GULL (Bernalillo, Dona Ana, San Juan)
THAYER’S GULL (San Juan, Sierra)
Brown Pelican (Sierra)
PACIFIC WREN (Eddy, Sandoval)
CAROLINA WREN (Sierra, Socorro, Valencia)
Harris’s Sparrow (Sierra, Socorro)
Golden-crowned Sparrow (Dona Ana, Sierra)

--Maley reported an adult MEW GULL at the Alameda bridge February 4. It
continued for others to the following day. It continued south of the bridge
to February 11.

DONA ANA County:
--Egelhoff reported a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW at Dripping Springs Natural
Area February 5 and again February 11. It was seen a half mile up the
drippings springs trail at the first stone bench and rusty metal water

--Egelhoff reported the continuing MEW GULL at Sunland Park Racetrack pond
February 10.

EDDY County:
--Nieman reported a PACIFIC WREN along the Pecos River below Brantley Lake
Dam January 20. It continued to February 19.

--Rustay and company reported two PACIFIC WRENS at Rattlesnake Springs
October 9. One continued to February 26 for Nieman.

GRANT County:
--Barbara Anne Rich reported a RUFOUS-BACKED ROBIN in the Gila Bird Area
February 18 and re-found by Swackhamer and Dolton February 26 near these
coordinates (32.836264, -108.605647). Barbara’s directions to the area “180
to Bill Evans lake road keep going across Mangus Creek to first right.
Drive toward the river and park under the sycamore. Walk through the people
gate and follow the old road which follows the Gila. Less than a mile in
is a sign on the left that says "road not maintained". On the right are
trees and that is where the Robin was.”

--Foy reported a BARROW’S GOLDENEYE at Ohkay Owingeh Lakes January 7. A
female continued to January 13.

--Hetrick and Rustay reported a PACIFIC WREN at Bandelier NM February 5. It
was located in Frijoles Canyon after a tip from Paez who reported 4
stub-tailed wrens in the canyon January 28 and continued to February 18 for

SAN JUAN County:
--Reeves reports up to four LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS, a first cycle
THAYER’S GULL, and a first cycle MEW GULL are currently visiting the San
Juan County Landfill. Be sure to check in before birding this location. The
landfill is open M-F 7AM-5PM and 9AM-5PM on the weekend. They require that
an orange safety vest is worn while birding here, plan accordingly.

SANTA FE County:
--Foy reported a male BARROW’S GOLDENEYE along the Rio Grande at Buckman
Rd. January 28. A female was seen there the following day by Clark and both
continued in the area to February 10.

SIERRA County:
--The continuing PURPLE FINCH was reported at Percha Dam (Percha Recreation
Area) January 20.

--Pederson and Baumann reported a first cycle THAYER’S GULL at Rock Canyon
Marina January 7. It was seen with other gulls on the tires and continued
for Egelhoff here January 20.

--Pederson and Baumann reported a RED-NECKED GREBE at Elephant Butte Lake
January 7. It was seen from the Dam Site Marina near the dam and continued
to February 25.

--Parmeter, Oldenettel, Baumann, and Pederson reported two first cycle
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS below Caballo Dam January 7. A second winter
LESSER BLACK-BACKED joined the first winters and they have been seen in the
area to February 3. They were eating dead fish with other gulls near the
entrance to the recreation area along the Rio Grande or from Percha Flats
at Caballo Lake.

--Schwartz reported a HARRIS’S SPARROW at Percha Dam (Percha Recreation
Area) December 29 near the south end of the park where the trail begins. It
continued to February 19.

--Halsey reported a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW at Percha Dam (Percha Recreation
Area) December 7. It was seen a half mile south of the developed portion of
the park along the trail. It continued to February 5.

--Goin and company reported a GREAT KISKADEE at Percha Dam (Percha
Recreation Area) November 12. It continued to February 26 south of the dam.

--Cleary reported the continuing BROWN PELICAN at Elephant Butte Lake SP
December 6. It was seen from Rock Canyon and continued to February 26 at
various locations on the lake.

--Andersen and Baumann reported a CAROLINA WREN at Pecha Dam (Percha
Recreation Area) November 19, likely a continuing individual from earlier
in the fall. It continued to February 26.

--Liddell and Herzenberg reported a HARRIS’S SPARROW at Bernardo WMA
January 26. Two were reported by Krueper February 7 and at least one
continued to February 26.

--Hawksworth reported two CAROLINA WRENS at Bosque del Apache NWR February
11. They were heard from the North Loop where the second 90 degree turn
along the Seasonal Rd is visible.

--Liddell and Herzenberg reported a HARRIS’S SPARROW at Bernardo WMA
January 26.

--a LONG-TAILED DUCK was reported at Bosque del Apache NWR December 19 at
the Dabbler Deck on the South Loop. It continued to February 24 at the
Flight Deck.

--two TUNDRA SWANS were reported at Bosque del Apache NWR December 9. They
were later joined by three other immatures December 11. Up to six now are
present to February 27 at various locations on the refuge.

TAOS County:
--Grimshaw reported a male BARROW’S GOLDENEYE along the Rio Grande at
Petaca Campground north of Pilar February 2.

--Rustay, Hetrick, and Buckley reported a CAROLINA WREN in the Belen bosque
January 22. It was seen along the east side of the Rio Grande north of the
Belen (hwy 309) bridge and continued in the area February 11 for

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