Date: 2/27/17 4:16 pm
From: douglas stotz <dfstotz...>
Subject: [obol] Brambling still at Sutton Lake
We saw the Brambling at 89301 Sutton Lake Rd. at about 1:20 this
afternoon. We waited about half an hour for it to appear, but another
birder had been present for an hour before we arrived without seeing it.
It appeared suddenly in a small tree north of the house where it sat
quietly for a couple of minutes before flying to a small green tree by the
feeder on the north side of the house. It did not go to the feeder, but
flew around to the back of the house. It did not return in the 10 or so
minutes that we remained. Lots of other bird activity including a young
Sharp-shinned Hawk that the crows were harassing and a group of 5
Band-tailed Pigeons high in a conifer south of the house.

Doug Stotz

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