Date: 2/27/17 3:59 pm
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Subject: Re: [SBB] Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant Birding
Hello Frank and all,The weed whacking in the area is the work of us at Talon Ecological Research Group that are collaborating with the City of Sunnyvale and researchers.
The goal of the project is to encourage breeding at this site as owls have not nested here in many years. They winter but they leave due to unsuitable habitat (grass getting too tall). 
This is the first pair to form in a long-time at this site. With that said, I highly encourage anyone going to observe or photograph these owls to please please stay on the gravel path. We would hate to see these owls abandon this site due to disturbance. 
Thanks for understanding. 
Ryan PhillipsTalon Ecological Research Group

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All: Starting at about 8 at the Sunnyvale WPCP it was a very nice day for pre-spring birding, but I have no real rarities to report.  Up the hill to the west there were lots of Violet-green Swallows flying above, around, and below me.  Then half-way along that trail someone had weed-whacked a very large "C" on the north-facing slope.  The Burrowing Owl pair that I had reported earlier were standing just above the weed-whacking, looking down on their "C". At the western edge of that hill, a large flock of seemingly-all Tree Swallows flew above, around, and below me.  Later there were two (probably) Northern Rough-winged Swallows that flew by me, low, close, and slow, into the wind.  In the marsh to the west there was a sleeping male and 3 female Hooded Mergansers, but the marsh and the ponds seemed to be almost empty of ducks. The only year-bird that I recorded were some Brown-headed Cowbirds; there was a flock of males perched in a tree near pond A4, which was also not very ducky. Frank Vanslager

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