Date: 2/27/17 10:36 am
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: eagles
As I glanced across my desk at the bird feeder this morning I was astonished to see a mature Bald Eagle sitting on an oak limb just beyond the yard with its back toward the house. Don and I watched as the sun rose behind us, over the house, and shone on the bird, illuminating the white tail and head through branches of blooming red maple flowers. The eagle quietly watched the creek, turning its head to observe above and below the unconcerned crows and small birds, and preening.

Early last Thursday morning the crows who come for corn and peanuts were in an uproar near the creek. I thought they were yelling at an owl or a hawk as they frequently do. Later, from the kitchen, I watched a procession of over a dozen deer cross the yard past blooming daffodils then head into the woods that slope toward the stream.

It wasn’t until Friday morning that I had a chance to investigate and find that a deer had very recently died there on the wooded stream bank. She was probably the one who looked ill two weeks ago and may have finally succumbed to CWD. It seems the loud crows and silent deer had all been attending her passing.

On Saturday Don moved her remains to a mound in a pasture visible from the bluff. Turkey Vultures found the deer first, and then Bald Eagles came on Sunday.

This morning there were nine mature and sub-adult Bald Eagles being nourished. The eagle we saw from the house was certainly one of them.

Ninestone, Carroll County

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