Date: 2/27/17 9:11 am
From: Joshua Rose <opihi...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Fox Sparrow wave and other WMB posts
Hi MassBirders,

There seems to be a wave of Fox Sparrows passing through the state, or at least the western part, judging from the posts on Western Mass Birders. The first report was two of them Friday along the Fort River Trail, from Dawn Winkler. Bill Lafley had one at his feeders in New Salem on Saturday; there was also a feeder report from Elaine Light, though she did not mention her town. Sunday, Karen Karlberg reported one from Becket, and Elayne Ryba from Charlemont. And then I had one outside my window this morning, and just after I posted it, Jody Soules added another from New Marlborough.

So, anyone who wants to see a Fox Sparrow, it seems to be time, check your favorite brushy spots….

There also has been a recent flurry of Black Vulture reports on WMB, including 3 near Arcadia MAS on Sunday (Steve Sauter), 2 over Williamstown on Saturday (Chuck Johnson), and a mildly shocking 11 on the ground in Whately Saturday (Peter Gagarin).

Scott Lachance reported that the Boreal Chickadee was still visiting the feeders in Peru; Simon Eaton posted a flock of Red Crossbills from the Montague Sandplains the same day; and Chris Hyytinen and Greg Watkevich discovered a Snow Goose on the Turners Falls Power Canal, amid hundreds of Canadas; all on Saturday.

Good birding!


Joshua S. Rose, Ph.D.
Amherst, MA

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