Date: 2/27/17 7:05 am
From: Richard Guthrie <richardpguthrie...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Subject: banded Mew Gull King's Beach Lynn/Swampscott
About band number styles:

US and Canadian and most Mexican bands follow this format:

xxx-xxxxx or


with "x" being a number and the prefix beginning at the seam.

They will also have the following legend:

Bands provided by the Bird Banding Laboratory are made of aluminum and
inscribed CALL 1-800-327 BAND and WWW.REPORTBAND.GOV followed by a unique 8
or 9 digit number. The older bird bands had the legend WRITE BIRD BAND
LAUREL MD 20708 USA or AVISE BIRD BAND WASH DC. [from the Bird Banding Lab

European bands have a variety of schemes depending on their issuing agency.

It would be VERY significant to identify the origin of this banded bird,
either European or North American (or beyond?).

Good luck with your efforts to solve this scientific mystery.

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore, New York

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 7:40 AM, John Nelson <jrnelson...>

> Hi Linda,
> I had fairly close views of the Mew Gull at King's beach yesterday morning.
> I spent some amount of time trying to read the band. I could not make out
> the smaller writing on the top of the band but there was two rows of small
> writing then a large row of numbers underneath. The three large numbers
> that
> I could see on the outside of the band looked like 164. There was no color
> that I could see at all on the band. I'm not a bander so I do not know if
> this format is standard or if this is relevant information at all but I
> thought I would share what I saw. My wife took a lot of pictures, if any of
> them reveal more band information I will share it.
> Good Birding!
> John Nelson
> Ipswich, MA

Richard Guthrie

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