Date: 2/26/17 9:13 pm
From: John Sullivan <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender Oropendolas for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Linn Gyrfalcon
Hello All,

The distant Gyrfalcon was pointed out to Laura and I by Nagi and his wife ~3:15 this afternoon. It was perched on a post ~.5 mile east of Malpass Road ~.5 north of Cartney Drive. Several more carloads of birders arrived over the next 30 minutes. We were not close enough for photos, but I think there were 8 birders there to see the Gyr take off to chase after 4 passing Canada Geese. It was incredible to watch the Gyr close the gap on the geese and hit one, knocking it to the ground. The Gyr wheeled around and made a couple passes over and sort of hover over the grounded goose. The goose met the Gyr face-on and was somehow able to stand it's ground and prevent the falcon from making the kill. The Gyr perched on a post ~50 yards away. 5 minutes later the lucky goose flew away.

The Gyr looked quite gray when perched far out in the grass field. As we were leaving the area ~5:30, Skip and Darlene found the Gyr perched in a tree at the intersection of Isom and Substation Roads. We were all struck at how brown the bird looked - so brown, we were not even sure if it was the Gyr or a Prairie Falcon. When it flew, it was apparent it was the Gyr and it also appeared more gray. It almost landed on a power pole but was chased off into the distance by a brazen Harrier. Thanks to Jeff Fleischer for finding and reporting the bird yesterday!

Good Birding,

John Sullivan and Laura Johnson
Springfield, OR

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