Date: 2/26/17 8:26 pm
From: Peter Fissel <peter.fissel...>
Subject: [wisb] Wilson's Snipes, Snowy Owl
Not too often you can see both of those species in the same day, but Pat Ready, Dan Doeppers and I managed to do so today. The Snipe were in their regular overwintering spot along the creek that crosses Schliesman Rd. just north of Rio in Columbia County. Two flushed, and a third played "whack-a-mole" with us by hunkering down behind a hummock and raising and lowering its head repeatedly.

In Green Lake County, we cruised County A north and south of Hwy 44, as well as adjacent parallel and intersecting roads. Pat finally spotted a dark Snowy Owl west of A near Center Rd., on what was going to be our last pass before giving up.

We took Hwy 44 back to Pardeeville. In Kingston, there was a large group of geese on the mostly frozen pond above the dam. There was a single Greater White-fronted in with all of the Canadas - that was the only non-Canada Goose we saw all day. Columbia County in particular was fairly devoid of geese, with Schoeneberg's Marsh being the only location with appreciable numbers.

Peter Fissel

Madison WI

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