Date: 2/26/17 7:50 pm
From: Jay V Huner <jvh0660...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Lake Verret Area / 02/25/2017
Was in the Lake Verret area yesterday morning. Had found St. Vincents Road/LA 402 last fall. Working on my Assumption Parish bird list. The roadside is interesting birding and the ways of the locals are an interesting cultural study. The paved road ends at a shell/gravel road that dead ends at a canal that connects to Lake Verret. Before the pavement ends, there is a small boat launch on the left side of the road and I found interesting birds there back in the fall and again yesterday, at least as far as adding to my parish list goes. There aren't many convenient places to stop and bird before getting to the gravel road without parking in someone's front yard. Don't know any of the people along the road so just drove slow with the windows open. Once on the gravel road, there's enough space to pull to the size so that a "normal" vehicle can pass. There are two relatively wide areas which are apparent trash dumps. The widening appears to have been the result of shoving the burned trash into the swamp! Innovative local custom!

Anyway, shortly after I got on the gravel road, a local came by and asked immediately if I was broken down despite standing there with binoculars and a camera while playing a screech-owl tape! When I said I was birding, he asked if I'd seen the Bald Eagles yet? I hadn't and he hadn't either that morning. About 20 minutes later I heard high pitched calls and looked up to see 5 eagles soaring and apparently just "playing".

Anyway, my list follows for that site. Need 5 more parish birds to get the Assumption list to 100.

Jay Huner

PS - The area around the boat launch and dumps can be a bit odiferous for the faint of heart.
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