Date: 2/26/17 2:36 pm
From: Zack Weber <birdingwithzackweber...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] banded Mew Gull King's Beach Lynn/Swampscott
The Mew Gull reported by others was seen again at roughly 1:30 this
afternoon near the outflow of freshwater near the Lynn/Swampscott town
line. The bird was eventually chased southward by a dog walker. I hung
around for a couple more hours, but the bird did not return.

This bird had a metal band sitting low on it's right leg. I regrettably
spent too much time experimenting with digiscoping to make an effort to
read the band. (All of my digiscope photos were useless in getting any
information off the band.) If anybody is able to read the band, I and
perhaps Massbird, would be interested in knowing more the circumstances of
the banding and any associated information, especially subspecies or
banding location.

Zachary Weber
Cambridge, MA


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