Date: 2/26/17 2:03 pm
From: Janna Pauser <jannapauser...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] recent birds
2-23 Fortini Rd. I heard and saw the BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER at the Stile
Ranch trail head.
Calero Reservoir; I spotted an adult BALD EAGLE perched towards the back
of Cherry Cove. App. twenty aechmophorus grebes were at each end of the
reservoir and dozens of TREE SWALLOWS were feeding over the reservoir. A
SORA called from the north side. A WHITE TAILED KITE brought nest
material to treetop near Calero Co. Park parking lot. A RED BREASTED
SAPSUCKER was seen at Henwood and Harry Road.

2-25 COMMON MERGANSER pair was seen in Alamitos Creek across the street
from Graystone Park. WHITE TAILED KITE was unusual for this location. A
RED BREASTED SAPSUCKER with extensive red was seen from Graystone Park.
A RED SHOULDERED HAWK pair perched near new nest south of Camden along
Alamitos Creek trail. A BUSHTIT was removing bits of lichen from a
branch, so I followed it to its nest, then found a second nest a few
yards away. A bright male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD with a completely orange
back was feeding at a flowering RED GUM tree along Royalwood. A quiet
PURPLE FINCH pair was found near the Camden bridge. As I crossed the
bridge on the way back to my car an ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD flew to a
complete and feathered nest a few feet from the bridge!

2-26 I found a RED TAILED HAWK on a deep nest along McKean Road across
from the stock pond. A large flock of BAND TAILED PIGEONS was seen here
and more along Casa Loma Road. Another RED BREASTED SAPSUCKER was seen
near the start of Casa Loma Rd. A WHITE THROATED SPARROW was feeding on
the ground with GOLDEN CROWNED SPARROWS at the Longwall trailhead in
Canada Del Oro. A vocal DOWNY WOODPECKER pair seen over rushing Uvas
creek. Only two WILD TURKEY seen today. They seem to be absent from
former locations. I heard my first spring ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER'S trill
before reaching Baldy Ryan Creek. TOWNSEND'S WARBLER, WESTERN BLUEBIRD
pair, WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH and singing HUTTON'S VIREO were also here.
Five YELLOW BILLED MAGPIES were found on Uvas Rd. One was at a nest and
a nearby RED TAILED HAWK was on another nest. Old Oak Glen Road had a
HAIRY WOODPECKER pair. I flushed two chirping immature BALD EAGLES
perched in the trees here. Five AM. WHITE PELICANS were sporting horns
on their bill.

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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