Date: 2/26/17 9:14 am
From: Herb Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: Birds Birds and More Birds
Here is what we have in our yard today 8 miles from the N,Y, state border. There were 50 Turkeys at the deer food and under the front deck bird feeder eating spilled bird seed. There are now a dozen or more Robins, Many Red Wing Blackbirds,Grackles and Starlings at the feeder. There are also dozens of Doves. But the Doves never leave. There are also dozens of BCCs. Some are so friendly that they sit on the feeder as I send the seed down the chute that I use to fill the flat feeder. There are also a few dozen Blue Jays that love the un-salted peanuts that I buy them. 15 or 20 of them will sit in the White Paper Birch tree waiting for the Manna from Heaven to fall out of the front deck window. Some will take 2 peanuts and fly off to break them open. There are also many DEJs and Gold Finch. My 450 ft long by 150 ft wide pond is ice free. I never remember it ice free at this time. So that will draw Geese and other water birds if it does not get very cold again. What a sight it was to watch 50 Turkeys take off all at once when my son took our dog out. It was like watching 50 B-29s take off in all directions.I stopped counting the deer at the deer feeder. Highest count was 20 at one time.That’s the only good thing about winter is no visits by the Bears. But I guess they will be awake soon.
Herb Flavell, Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County.
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