Date: 2/26/17 4:33 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: SPARROW locations in Wake County, NC
SPARROW locations in Wake County, NC
Winter is "Sparrow Season" in the Piedmont (good time for
waterfowl.,too). In my experience, these three parks and one greenway
are the best places to find and study sparrows in the Raleigh, Wake
Co, NC area:
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work. Makes the email shorter)

(1) Umstead State Park, Big Lake (70/Glenwood Entrance). The walk
along the powerlines from the beachhouse northwest has a grassy area
that has a good variety of close sparrows, various species. The
overview of the upper marsh of Big Lake is very good for waterfowl
(scope needed). The park gets very busy on the weekends. Hotspot

(2) Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve (off Ligon Mill Road, north
Raleigh). Plenty of fields (most were mowed this winter) in a 1-mile
unpaved loop. Watch for postholes and other hazards. Vesper Sparrow
was reported here last year. Hotspot:

(3) Wilkerson Nature Preserve: entrance on Raven Ridge Road. The three
fields are all visible from the naturalist center, so short walks,
loads of sparrows, including ONE with a very musical song and white
outer tail feathers! Another bird and I heard that sparrow three days
ago but could not see it for more than a second. That same birder saw
the sparrow with white outer tail feathers the next day. Three birders
checked Saturday but other than hearing the song - no luck. So
possible Vesper Sparrow is lurking at Wilkerson. Open 1 pm Sunday,
CLOSED MONDAYS, open 10 am Tues-Sat. The sparrow was spotted at 11:30
both days.
Wilkerson Hotspot:

In addition:

(4) Joyner Park on Harris Road in Wake Forest provides excellent views
of singing FIELD SPARROWS.

(5) Abbotts Creek Greenway (mile marker 1 to Neuse River Greenway) has
a couple of marshy sections near bridges 204 and 203 that provide
plenty of sparrows, including FOX and LINCOLN'S. in addition to SWAMP.
Hotspot is on an obscure parking area, but best place to park is dead
end of DUNN Road, then walk onto greenway and turn LEFT:

Wake Audubon frequently visits all of these spots. Catch a walk in the
next few weeks!
L Erla Beegle, Raleigh
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