Date: 2/25/17 6:21 pm
From: Calvin Wohler <cwohler...>
Subject: Milford lake waterfowl survey
On 2-23-17 a KDWPT staff member and myself took a drive around Milford Lake to take a waterfowl survey. There were more species to count but not as many numbers. The count was as follows:

Greater White-fronted Goose--110

Snow Goose--1,000

Cackling Goose--300

Canada Goose--164

American Wigeon--370


Northern Shoveler--4

Northern Pintail--20

Green-winged Teal--80


Common Goldeneye--30

Common Merganser--4

American Coot--100

I recorded 43 species of birds for myself that day. Some of the lesser common birds were:

Ringed-necked Pheasant--1


Ringed-billed Gull--280

American White Pelican--220

Bald Eagle--26 They must of left fast when it warmed up.

Northern Harrier--4

Red Tailed Hawk--19

Great Horned Owl--2

Horned Lark--5

Harris's Sp.--4

White Crowned Sp.--20

Dark-eyed Junco--10

Red-winged Blackbird--70

Calvin Wohler

Clay Center, KS

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