Date: 2/25/17 5:06 pm
From: Forest Tomlinson <foresttomlinson...>
Subject: [obol] Dexter Lake Today
This afternoon I decided to bird Dexter Lake in the hopes of finding a Tufted Duck. At the dam I found 8 sleeping Western Grebes and one grebe, that as best as I could tell was a Clark’s Grebe. All the black was above the closed eye, but the bird never showed the bill.

At the causeway I found a few Bufflehead on the west-side and a Horned Grebe on the east-side, but everything else was so far away that I decided to get closer as opposed to using my scope. So I drove up to a closed park near the Lookout Point dam and there I examined 30 or so Greater Scaups. I didn’t pay much attention to the females, but I looked for the black back of a male Tufted Duck, but every male had the silvery-gray back and the rounded head of a Greater Scaup. There were six Canvasback, 12 Ruddy Ducks, 10 Bufflehead, and 2 Common Mergansers that were associating with the raft of scaups. Alan would be interested to know that far out on the lake I scoped a couple of Pied-billed Grebes and five Common Goldeneyes. At the Delta Ponds on Thursday I saw a couple of Pied-billed Grebes.

From there I drove up to Lookout Point and scanned the lake but saw absolutely nothing on the water. However there was a lone Common Raven flying along the bathtub ring and a Red-Tailed Hawk rising up on the ridge. Later I heard a Bald Eagle, Spotted Towhee, and Pacific Wren as I walked down one of the logging roads.

I have a few questions for the long time Lane County birders.

Does anyone know why there are so many birds on Dexter Lake and none on Lookout Point? Anyone know of anything good being spotted on Lookout Point?

When was the last report of Tufted Duck in Lane County?
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