Date: 2/25/17 3:42 pm
From: David Williams <dave.williams6...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Am. woodcock - Ipswich River Park, North Reading
Last night (Fri. 2/24) I had 5 active Am. woodcock at the Ipswich River
Park in North Reading. There was a lot of "peenting" and courtship flight
displays. At times, there were multiple birds in the air at once.

The Ipswich River Park is located off of Central St. in North Reading. It
is a great place to see/hear Am. woodcock. There are two components for
Woodcock viewing here. The first are the grassy fields that are adjacent
to the entrance road and the parking lot. This area is good for folks with
mobility issues as you can see/hear the birds right from the car.

The second part of this 49 acre park that is good for Woodcock viewing is
the extensive sports fields out beyond the parking area. From the parking
lot, take the path that leaves from the left. It is just a short walk and
you will see a huge, open area. There is a playground, skateboard park,
street hockey rink, and two tennis courts here. There is a paved walking
area around this sports fields complex. Woodcock can be seen/heard as you
move away from the main area.
As you can imagine, this area is very popular, however, as dusk approaches,
the park clears our and the Woodcock viewing gets good. Beginning April 1,
all bets are off though, as the sports fields complex are opened up for use
and it is crazy busy right up till dusk. The Woodcock viewing drops off
substantially after this date.

The Ipswich River Park, which was once farmland, was opened in 1997 and is
maintained by the Town of North Reading. There are lots of good bird
watching opportunities here. Parts of it are along the Ipswich River.
There is a canoe launch here and the state stocks the river here with

For more information about this area, see: http://www.ipswichriverpark.

Dave Williams
Reading, MA

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