Date: 2/25/17 3:17 pm
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Subject: IBET JxP, Saturday, 25 February: Fox Sparrow and other First of the Year birds
I birded Chicago's Jackson Park today with Pat Durkin and the regular Audubon crew, though only 5 of us braved the cold. We covered Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow and the inner and outer harbors.
Before I arrived with Pat, Mark Webster and Eric Ginsberg had found a pair of GADWALLS in the east lagoon. They had last been seen swimming south and I couldn't find them, but they must have turned back north, because when we got to the north bridge of Wooded Island they were at the north end of the lagoon (FOY). A male WOOD DUCK flew into the east lagoon when we were in the Japanese Garden (FOY). There was a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS in the east lagoon and Mark saw another pair in the west lagoon. There was a male in the inner harbor, as well. The island seemed empty until Mark checked the southwest side. There were several sparrows there including a FOX SPARROW (FOY). A couple KILLDEER flew over the soccer fields and Eric had seen 2 N. FLICKERS there earlier.
There was a HORNED GREBE on Lake Michigan just outside the outer harbor and 2 more in the harbor (FOY). There were not large numbers of ducks in the outer harbor but there were a ton in the inner harbor, including 59 of the 60 REDHEADS seen, plus 7 RING-NECKED DUCKS. There were small numbers of both LESSER and GREATER SCAUP in both harbors. A RED-TAILED HAWK flew from the north end of the inner harbor before we headed to the Wooded Island area for the walk. My full list is below.

Abbreviations: WI/BM=Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow, OH=outer harbor, LM=Lake Michigan east of OH, IH=inner harbor.

Canada Goose: WI/BM (36), IH (2)
Wood Duck: WI/BM (1)
Mallard: WI/BM (7), OH (8), IH (24)
Gadwall: WI/BM (2)
Redhead: OH (1), IH (59)
Ring-necked Duck: IH (7)
Greater Scaup: OH (5), IH (5)
Lesser Scaup: OH (3), IH (4)
Bufflehead: WI/BM (2)
Common Goldeneye: OH (1), LM (1), IH (10)
Hooded Merganser: WI/BM (4), IH (1)
Red-breasted Merganser: WI/BM (10), OH (34), LM (18), IH (47)
Horned Grebe: OH (2), LM (1)
Red-tailed Hawk: IH (1)
A. Coot: OH (12)
Killdeer: WI/BM (2)
Ring-billed Gull: WI/BM (5), OH (341), LM (7), IH (2)
Herring Gull: OH (8), IH (1)
Downy Woodpecker: WI/BM (1)
N. Flicker: WI/BM (2)
A. Crow: WI/BM (3), OH (2), IH (5)
A. Tree Sparrow: WI/BM (1)
Fox Sparrow: WI/BM (1)
Song Sparrow: WI/BM (6), IH (1)
Dark-eyed Junco: WI/BM (3)
N. Cardinal: WI/BM (3), IH (1)

Randy Shonkwiler
Hyde Park/Chicago

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