Date: 2/25/17 1:44 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] 12 or more Millersberg (Linn Co) CHIPPING SPARROWS, possible American Tree Sparrow 2/25/17
On the way to visit my Mom in Albany I went to look for the American Tree
Sparrow Mark saw yesterday. That little stretch of Conser Rd has very
narrow shoulder and a steep suicide ditch. Three small streets come out
there from the right as you go west from Millersberg. They are Bain,
Amanda, Waverly, and these are short blocks so it is a small area, with a
nice hedgerow of wild rose, and small maybe hawthorns or other woody
shrubs/small trees.

I quickly saw what I think was the ATSP near the same spot at the end of
Waverly from yesterday, I couldn't see it as well as I would have liked
from my car on Conser Rd, the light was not good and I needed to get off
the road right quick. By the time I could find a place to sort of park and
get out to walk back, I saw 3 Bright CHIPPING SPARROWS, near the end of
Amanda. Then near some feeders first house along Amanda I saw 4 CHSP
clearly a different group. A little later near the end of Bain, near a lot
of chickens in a yard with a lot of crowned sparrows and more CHSP I saw at
least 5 CHSP, clearly a different group. No doubt on any of the CHSP, at
least 12 and almost surely more than that. All were in nice breeding
plumage, rufous crowns split down the middle, dark not rufous line through
the eye, lower mandible pinkish not bright yellow, tiny birds compared to
crowned sparrows same spot. This is early for CHSP migrants I guess, but so
is everything else these days, and besides that, there they were.

I'll go back tomorrow morning, maybe take Jim Kopitzke along, and see if we
can get a better look at a Tree Sparrow...From this morning, how unlikely a
scenario was that?

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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