Date: 2/25/17 1:32 pm
From: Cody Porter <empidonaxdvg...>
Subject: Rusty Blackbird -- Laramie

Nate Behl, Jimena Golcher, and I relocated the blackbird flock east of town and got great looks and pictures of the previously mentioned rusty/brewer's blackbird. The bill shape (thin and slightly decurved), rusty flanks, rusty throat, and rusty edging to tertials/wing coverts all point to this being a Rusty Blackbird.

We observed the bird in the pasture at the corner of Sweetwater Rd. and Cottonwood Drive. It is associating with a flock of Great-tailed Grackles.

Tons of Lapland Longspurs in the pastures and fields around town. We came across several flocks associating with Horned Larks throughout the day.

Pictures are in the eBird checklist below.

Good birding,
Cody Porter
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