Date: 2/25/17 9:00 am
From: Howard Wu <howiewu1...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Sully Woodlands Phoebe and Shrike

This morning, before the wind picked up, I made a brief visit to Sully
Woodlands in Fairfax County again (8:15AM - 9AM).

What first caught my attention was a couple of singing Eastern Phoebes near
the barn. These early migrants have arrived and spring is at hand; it also
makes me wonder if the Northern Shrike will stick around for long.

But the Northern Shrike was there. In fact, I got one of the best pictures
of it, in the beautiful early morning sunlight. I've seen and photographed
this bird quite a few times now, but now, with the advancing season, every
time I see it, I know it may be my last, for a while at least. Soon it will
fly north, to its breeding grounds in in taiga and tundra. I bide it
godspeed and wish it well!

My eBird listing is here:

My rolling update of my observations of the Northern Shrike can be seen at
the following location:

Howard Wu
Herndon, VA
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