Date: 2/24/17 8:59 pm
From: Than Boves <tboves...>
Subject: Shrikes building nests already in Craighead Cty
While monitoring banded shrikes today, I was incredibly surprised to find a pair of shrikes building a nest already. This is incredibly early; although I haven't found data for Arkansas, according to the Texas Breeding Bird Atlas, the earliest recorded 1st egg date in that state is March 6. I think this pair might beat that!

Than J. Boves, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept of Biological Sciences
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR 72401

On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 10:21 PM -0600, "Michael" <mplinz...><mailto:<mplinz...>> wrote:

That's highway 296...

> On Feb 24, 2017, at 10:11 PM, Michael Linz wrote:
> Randy Robinson and I decided we would checkout all the Sandhill Cranes that Charles Mills has been reporting in his area. The normal amount that I see in Arkansas is 1-10 so the hundreds he has been reporting seemed exciting.
> Randy and I went to the eBird location on highway 274 just off of highway 82. We quickly found the Sandhills. There was a total of 4.
> After a short visit with one of the local farmers who was afraid we were broke down in the middle of nowhere...I could hear cranes coming in. When I looked at the back of the field it had gone from 4 to 40.
> We continued to watch as small groups of 1 to 10 came in. The number in the field topped out at 163.
> We traveled on down the road and decided to make a u-turn and return home on the back road rather then go interstate through Texarkana. As we came past the sandhill field two eagles buzzed the cranes. All the birds plus some in fields behind the one we could see all took to flight. I snapped a quick picture of one of the flocks. I got tired of counting but it looked like the one group had more than 400 birds in it.
> So we went from 4 to 40 to 400...amazing sight and sound anywhere but especially for Arkansas.
> We also saw a large flock of brewers blackbirds, pipits and a peregrine.
> A long but very nice trip.
> Thanks Charles Mills for keeping the rest of us aware of what is going on down south.
> Michael Linz(Central Arkansas)

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