Date: 2/24/17 5:54 pm
From: Steve Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Spring!
Remarkable weather with today setting a new high record for the month of
February in Boston at 72F. Tomorrow expected to continue warm. Feels
good, but it just isn't right for February 24th.

The birds are definitely on the move!

Canada Goose - 126 MIGRATING NORTH in about 7 flocks. Clearly a big
movement today.

Lesser Scaup - 23 at Exeter wastewater treatment plant. I'm guessing
that most of these are spring migrants, but there have been some
overwintering birds, so unclear.

Ring-necked Duck - 40 on Great Bay. 5 more at Exeter WTP. Extremely
high count for February. My first presumed arrival dates are 2 on Great
Bay 2/23/00 and 4 on Powwow Pond on 2/24/12. Another bird from Exeter
on 2/10/12 may be an early migrant or possibly an overwintering bird.
The Birds of New Hampshire (Fox & Keith) mistakenly state the earliest
spring arrival as 2/28/07 in Hinsdale.

American Wigeon - 47 on Great Bay. My highest February count for Great
Bay and presumably includes some spring migrants. No Eurasians, however.

Killdeer - A huge arrival today in New Hampshire with birds in a few
locations by others. I had 10 or 12 in the Great Bay Farm/Sunset Farm
area of Greenland. By far my highest count for February. And
personally, my 3 earliest record. (3 in Durham on 2/22/97 and 4 in East
Kingston on 2/23/12).

Red-winged Blackbird - A few in a few locations until I got to Rye,
where I had a big flock of 200+ at Goss Farm! My highest count for

Common Grackle - 9 mixed in with blackbird flock in Rye.

Brown-headed Cowbird - 5 mixed in with blackbird flock in Rye.

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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