Date: 2/24/17 4:28 pm
From: melius <mmelius...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Trogon, oriole, Madera Canyon
I found a female Elegant Trogon near the Proctor Trailhead, Madera
Canyon Rec. Area on 23 Feb. This was about 10:30 am, near the upper
end of the loop in the trail, where it turns to go back down to the
trailhead. The trogon flew in from the south, perched in the sun about
10 meters away where it caught some insects and called a couple times.
I could see its head and undersides clearly. Then it flew north and
perched awhile in shady woods, giving me a good view of its back and
tail. It then flew north, downstream, and I lost sight of it. 
That afternoon I found a possible Hooded Oriole a ways
downstream--northwest of the campground site #7 along Proctor Road.
I'm not familiar with this species, so here's a description. It was
placidly eating Hackberry fruit, giving me long looks at the front and
left side. The beak seemed fairly large for an oriole, the tail rather
long. Undersides all yellowish, pale but deepening to bright
yellow-orange at the throat and bright yellow from belly to the
undertail. Head yellowish-green. Back and wings drab grayish-green,
darker on wings and tail. No streaks or other markings anywhere that
could I see, wingbars seemed visible but faint. 
Other highlights from the time spent in the area: FOY Hutton's Vireo,
three or maybe five Brown Creepers, and three silent Empidonax
flycatchers,one that looked Cordilleran-like. Also, I was thrilled to
see about 24 Coati's coming towards me down the lower canyon today,
morning sun shining through their tails.
Michael Melius
Hermosa, SD
In Sahuarita thru March

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