Date: 2/24/17 8:31 am
From: Cody Porter <empidonaxdvg...>
Subject: A few odds and ends -- Laramie

The snow over the past few days has stirred up bird activity on the high plains. Here are a few highlights:


1 Swamp Sparrow on UW campus, right in front of the Ag Building. Presumably the same bird Don Jones had a couple months ago?

10 Great-tailed Grackles with a few Red-winged Blackbirds near the Laramie River west of town. There was also one male blackbird in the flock that I originally called a Rusty, given extensive brown coloration on the head, nape, and mantle. Sibley indicates that some male Brewer's will show this, and the wings appeared jet black, so I started to lean more towards Brewer's. Later, a few pictures gave some indication of a thin, decurved bill, a pro-Rusty feature. Subsequent attempts to find the bird have been unsuccessful, so the ID is still very much in the air.


A trickle of juncos have started to make their way into town, with 1 Oregon seen on campus by Doug Eddy and 1 Pink-sided at my feeders.

This morning:

As I walked out to my car, a large mixed flock of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings flew over.

Good birding,
Cody Porter

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