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Zellen's post got mangled I guess, but her email to HAS did not. I
consider this a very serious issue. It will mean no more spring birding on River
Road in Kent. Since this is a major stopover for warblers I think it needs
our attention.

Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct

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I just received this from the AMC regarding access. The St. John's Ledges
parking is some distance before you get to the large parking area at the end
of the road. Parking at St. John's Ledges is more limited than the big lot
at the end. The road should be open to the end prior to Memorial Day so
would not affect birders during most of May.
Important info about St. John's Ledges in Kent
from our Appalachian Trail Committee Chair, Dave Boone:

In response to serious abuse by large numbers of non-hikers at South
Gate, we (the AT Committee) met with a number of town and state officials a
couple of weeks ago to come up with plans to hopefully control a large part
of the crowd.

One of the items decided was to close River Road at St. John's Ledges
hiking parking. A gate is going to be installed, ideally right after the
pulloffs just beyond the trailhead parking. The gate will be closed between
Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. We're also sealing off the old High
Bank area, but that shouldn't affect climbing access. One other item that
may affect climbing groups/schools, etc. is that there won't be a place for
buses to turn around. We'll have signage to that effect at the
intersection of Skiff Mt. Road.

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