Date: 2/23/17 5:13 pm
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Various Cumberland birds - waterfowl, Clay-Colored Sparrow
The Clay-Colored was feeding on the west side of the nature trail - the other side of that creek. In with the Juncos. I was looking on that
side as a fellow birder had it there a week ago. February bird! Plus a year bird! That area seems like it should get stuff come spring and fall
migration also. I will keep in mind and hit while hitting the Dix WMA area. This bird is continuing at least from Jan. 1 when Michael O’Brien
found it on the Cumberland CBC. And that’s the first I heard of that super spot!
Gee, I can’t wait to see my pics…. not. Marilyn is away. My picture taker…..
Waterfowl numbers seemed way down - until I hit the Maple Ave. Causeway in Dividing Creek. Wow! I just shattered my records for
some waterfowl numbers. Just enough exposed mud with the tide coming in. I didn’t get over to Heislerville, but for those on the west side
of the Maurice River, Maple Ave. was the spot.
Only three Long-tailed Ducks at the Clam Plant along the Maurice River in Bivalve. Gee - only. That’s the norm most years! I hope
the massive LT Duck invasion isn’t over!

Nature notes - Bats - I assume Brown - they were big - along Rt. 555 as I drove north in the late afternoon.

Good birding all.

Sandra Keller

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