Date: 2/23/17 3:26 pm
From: Kent Fiala (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Great Kiskadee, Bear Island, Feb 22 2017
This is one of the reasons that I would never advise using band codes in a public forum. You must be 100% perfect. Get one letter wrong, and you have named a completely different species, or the code is completely indecipherable.

Kent Fiala

On 2/23/2017 6:23 PM, Jamie Adams wrote:
> It's a small mammal frequently used as a pet.
> Jamie Adams
> Wilmington, Nc
> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Feb 23, 2017, at 6:01 PM, Kent Fiala <carolinabirds...> wrote:
>> What is a "GRBL"?
>> Kent Fiala
>>> On 2/23/2017 5:55 PM, linda.allman (via carolinabirds Mailing List) wrote:
>>> Brief sighting around 7:15 am by my friend, Anita Wood and Ed, a wonderful
>>> birder from Pennsylvania, as it flew from trees on the left over our heads to
>>> the right, landing briefly, then lost. Ed actually spotted it first briefly
>>> before it flew.
>>> We searched for several hours eventually walking up to the pecan "'grove''.
>>> We then birded at the lake and saw the following:
>>> AMAV
>>> AMCR
>>> AMKE
>>> AWPE
>>> BAEA
>>> BEKI
>>> BLVU
>>> BUFF
>>> CHSP
>>> EABL
>>> GADW
>>> GLIB
>>> GRBL
>>> GWTE
>>> NOMO
>>> NSHO
>>> NOCA
>>> PBGR
>>> RWBL
>>> SNEG
>>> TRHE
>>> TUVU
>>> WBNU
>>> YBSA
>>> YRWA
>>> YTWA
>>> At Donnelly we saw a Nothern FlicKer who posed a long time for us and was
>>> still there when we left. Also saw fox squirrel and Yellowrumped warblers.
>>> First time posting, so hope this is done correctly.
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