Date: 2/22/17 9:51 pm
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Subject: IBET Backyard Surprise
Hi All:
As a rule, my yard birds are pretty much run-of-the-mill. But today when I was at work, I received call from a neighbor at about 4PM saying that HE got a call from his next-door neighbor saying they had a "Barrow's Wood Duck" in the subdivision pond behind their townhome, which is directly across the street from our place. Obviously this sounded a bit "off." So I asked him if he could snap a quick photo and text it to me. Well, it was neither a Barrow's nor a Common Goldeneye. Nor a Wood Duck. (surprise) But it WAS a beautiful and cooperative male Bufflehead swimming all by himself in the pond. I wasn't able to get home till 5:45 so I had only a few minutes of daylight left. But I managed to get some decent photos through my scope. He hardly dived at all--mostly just sat their quietly, occasionally preening and flapping his wings. A real beauty! So technically, I can't call it a "yard bird" but it sure was a nice subdivision bird. If he's still hanging around in the morning, I will try to record a video. What a treat! There are some photos with my eBird checklist:

View this checklist online at checklist/S34657089

Joan Campbell
Downers Grove/DuPage County

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