Date: 2/22/17 1:38 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Odd Goldeneye revisited.

Here is a photo of my odd Goldeneye from Bingen WA yesterday.

A clarification on the location:  It is in Bingen, but the port is called the Port of Klickitat.  The bird was in the basin with the boat ramp at the east (upstream) end of the complex.  Initially it was near the bank on the south side if gthe basin, just off the Port office buildings.  It swam across to the north bank of the channel into the basin.  It was loosely accompanied by a female Common Goldeneye, and several drakes were elsewhere in the basin.

My thoughts after having examined my photos:  It appears to have a little more black in the wings than Common, but not as much as Common X Barrow's F1 hybrids.  Bill looks to me smallish for Common.  No sign of the dark spur a Barrow's would have between breast and flank.  Head iridescence hard to see, but not green (based on multiple photos).  Some look a little purplish. others more maroon to maroon-purple.

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