Date: 2/22/17 8:52 am
From: Jay Miller <arizonajay23...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ: Miller House of Mesa - Winter birds, 2-22.

Although this week has been fairly slow for the most part this Winter has been strong with two days here in February reaching 38 and 39 species. It's also been fairly warm and doves in particular are ready to get breeding underway.

White-crowned and Lincoln's Sparrows have been quite consistent for months. I counted 5 White-crowned and 4 Lincoln's yesterday, which again has been normal this Winter.

The male Common Ground-Dove has made it to 4 months now, first arrived 10-23-16. The House Wren is right behind and is my longest staying one ever. It's also the tamest, coming very close and being very vocal.

I had a great raptor show here in late Nov. and early Dec. with 11 species both months. Had all four of our common falcons at least one day. This year so far is possibly the slowest ever with only 6 species in January. Still no Northern Harrier! Sharp-shinned Hawks are at the lowest numbers I ever recall, but I've been seeing that the last few years and I'm expect big numbers again one of these coming Winters. The most I've seen this year is 5 or 6 one day and have had quite a few days with zero! I don't see them listed very often by others.

On 1-11, I first had a gorgeous male "Prairie" Merlin, and then just 6 minutes later a male "Black" Merlin, on the same perch!! Not at the same time of course. These Merlins are hard to get good photos of as they always seem to keep their distance and often show very early or late during poor light conditions. I have photos from five years back of the Black" Merlin, if it's the same bird. Still working on getting it verified however.

Reached 52 species in January, a new record. Currently at 50 for February, record is 52.

Good Birding!

Jay Miller
Mesa, Az
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