Date: 2/21/17 12:57 pm
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Subject: IBET Burnham Prairie NP - Quick stop 2/21
Not a lot of time so just the quick hits:

- 18 Green-winged Teal on the east pond. Last year, this area regularly held dozens of GW & BW Teal. Mallard, Northern Shoveler, Gadwall, Hooded Merganser made up the rest of the ducks. I have no idea what it's going to take to get a darn pintail to fly the half mile from Big Marsh and stop by Burnham.
- 4 Great-blue Heron
- 6 Killdeer flying around calling
- Extensive burning seemed to have happened in the last week or so. Hopefully, this preserves some mudflat/shorebird habitat. Otherwise, i'm not really sure where you go in Cook county for shorebird habitat.
- In a few of the areas that were burned, there were large groups of American Tree Sparrows and Song Sparrows.
- The torrence ave bridge is completed but not yet open. I would guess in the next 4-8 weeks this bridge should be usable. This will greatly simplify birding the calumet area.
- Perhaps most interesting, though, was the starling that has perfected a Western Meadowlark call.

26 species on a spring-like February day

Carl Giometti
Chicago, IL

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