Date: 2/21/17 12:18 pm
From: Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...>
Subject: [obol] Reedsport Hummers
Hi All,

I was curious to look at Tim Gannon's short-tailed hummingbird that Paul
and Karen have commented on (
photos/141358197@N06/albums/72157676957687094/with/32876336181/). I believe
this is a short-tailed Anna's Hummingbird. Here is a photo of a similarly
configured Anna's Hummingbird taken by Joshua Little just a few days ago
over at Salishan (part of their Brown Thrasher expedition):

Note that Joshua's bird looks fairly petite, and appears to have a short
tail compared to the wingtips. However, it has all other features typical
of Anna's Hummingbird, including a nice continuous dark line from eye to
bill (goes from thick to thin), a noticeable "forward pale eyebrow," and
long even-skinny-width primaries. Tim Gannon's bird has these features as
well. Here's another recent one from near Milton-Freewater with wingtip
about equal to tail (ignore the out of place left wing):

A female Calliope Hummingbird would show a broken (dark then pale) area
between eye and bill, typically no pale forward eyebrow, and broad and more
curved primaries toward the tip.

I don't know if these short-tailed Anna's are immature birds or molting
females, or both---maybe someone else can see something in the photos to
indicate age/sex---but they are not uncommon.

The following short notes don't directly address the Anna's/Calliope
comparison, but may be of use in studying these species in more detail:

Matt Hunter
SW Oregon

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