Date: 2/17/17 8:46 am
From: Cecile Shohet <cshohet...>
Subject: [RV Birds] Medford Raptor Run, Saturday, February 11th...
Cold and thick fog seriously impaired the visual prospects of raptor
sightings on Saturday’s Raptor Run in Medford - 2/11/2017. The 4 sets of
eyes (one pair of which belonged to Violet, Frank Lospalluto’s newest
family member: a food-loving, face-licking puppy) peered, scanned and
lamented the lost opportunity as even Red-tailed Hawks and Kestrels proved
difficult to spot into the mid-day.

Campbell Road, one of the first roads of the Run and one to be counted on
for a rush of adrenalin as the species diversity increases, took a bit more
prodding than usual. Just as the group was prepared to leave, the
steadfast male Peregrine Falcon appeared on one of the tall metal towers,
perched to one side at mid-height. A female Northern Harrier flew by
earlier, characteristically low and parallel to the earth. White-tailed
Kites were not observed on Campbell Road that day nor anywhere else they
are known from on the Run.

Both Eagles and Red-shouldered Hawks also went unobserved.

As the sun finally broke through and warmed the Valley, Anne Goff, Frank
Lospalluto, Violet, and myself were elated by the appearance of a soaring
Ferruginous Hawk on Agate Road across from the Denman Wildlife Area.

On Modoc Road about half a mile or so from the 234, a Harlan’s Hawk was
enthusiastically spotted and identified by Frank - with its overall black
and white coloration, white neck and upper breast feathers and white tail.

All together, 9 species were observed:

99 Red Tailed Hawks,

35 Kestrels,

4 Northern Harriers,

1 Ferruginous Hawk,

2 Turkey Vultures,

1 Coopers Hawk,

3 Merlins,

1 Peregrine Falcon, and

2 Prairie Falcons

Good Birding Everyone.

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