Date: 2/17/17 6:52 am
From: Thomas Ford <tomf97...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Scissor-tailed flycatcher
The subject bird is still at the TICO air field. Yesterday, I ran into two
more birders who thought it had left as reports stopped being posted.

It is still there. I have stopped by four mornings over last three weeks on
my way to bird in North Merritt Island.

Now it may be gone after the TICO Warbird Air Show in Titusville on March
11-12. So if you are butting it off don't.

Off SR 1 into the airport. Turn left and drive the field fence. The Vesper
sparrows love the fence openings to set on. The Flycatcher must sit on the
stop wire because of is long tail.

For the photo crowd please stay in your cars. You can drive up to 3 car
length and he just looks at you. Get out and he is gone.

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