Date: 2/14/17 8:42 am
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: Orchard Oriole, White-throat Sparrow & Goldfinches
I was visiting my daughter in Charlotte, NC 4-5 February.  While there I helped my son-in-law set up a pole and reset the feeder I'd given my 7-year old grandson for Christmas.  The original seed and suet cakes had been ravaged most likely by a raccoon. This was on Saturday.  Sunday morning we all had the pleasure of seeing a variety of songbirds and of a squirrel trying to climb the pole with limited success.
While watching the backyard I spotted an Orchard Oriole (confirmed by my bird app) flying into a hedge.  This was my first ever sighting.  Not too long afterwards I observed three White throats foraging in pine straw and leaf litter.  It has been two years since I'd seen this bird at my home.
I've been inundated with hungry Goldfinches of late.  This usually happens just before they return to their nesting habitats.  Males are already molting into their breeding colors.
The Charleston "Post and Courier" contained two birding related articles in last Sunday's Home and Real Estate section.  Below are links to these articles if you care to read them.
 Frank HamiltonCharleston, SC

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